In South Africa we have a population of over fifty million inhabitants who move from one place to the other every day, every month nd every year to different destinations countrywide and also internationally doing different kinds of activities.

The Etwatwa Daveyton, Kingsway, Wattville Katorus and Tembisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry we have a Sector Called National Federated Transport Organization (Nafto) who are members and are involved in different types of transport activities such as buses, taxis, and heavy duty transport carrying goods and passengers to different destinations countrywide.

As Etwatwa, Daveyton, Kingsway, Wattville, Katorus and Tembisa the National Federated Security and Cleaning Sector is one of our Sectors as it is called by members who are well versed and training as company owners in these two industries.

These members assist in in the protection of the nation’s assets and properties around the country, so they are part of the integral in servicing our industries and where ever their services are required.

•Our country South Africa is an agriculture country and as the EDKWKT Business Chamber of Commerce and Industry need to be involved in the production of food in order to feed our nation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has a responsibility to see to that we work hand in glove in to utilize the land available in the country for producing food that that land is fully utilized and there is no lack of food in the country.

We have a National Farmers Union led and directed by very professional men and women as we aim to empower our members to produce not only for the local consumption but also for the international markets.

We have the Hotel, Leisure, Tourism, etc in the whole country which caters for our tourists when they visit the country from foreign

There are also many opportunities in this industry in that our business members can also be suppliers of meat, vegetables, and many other services that are needed in the Hotel Industry as the business is this field is immense and huge.

The Manufacturing Industry in our country South Africa is a very important Sector that employees quite a number of our people countrywide since it is divided into many components and the Maun are the following:

i. The first one is the Steel products manufacturing which deals with the production of components that produces aircraft, cars, and many products in the alike industry;

ii. The second one the production of clothes which is through the cotton and fabric production where the end product is the production of clothes, blankets, etc.

The Manufacturing Sector/Nic is the main industry on the East Rand where EDKWKT Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located.

Once the products have been processed to the final product they need to reach the customers in order to complete the demand and supply chain. The EDKWKT Chamber of the Commerce and Industry also has a Sector called the Achib, which is our sector for Informal Traders, who sell goods and products on the streets and street corners around the country.

This sector is led and guide by very qualified and competent leadership as it is also one of our sectors that has managed over the years to put food on the table many of our people around the country as it provides with the day to day necessities of our communities.

The EDKWKT Women Chamber consists of all women in business who are members of the chamber and are involved in all sorts of business activities including areas where as a chamber executive committee see it fit to have women only specially setting dialogues with other women in other chambers.

Both the main Executive Committee and the Women Chamber has a responsible from time to time to engage with other stakeholders in seeking business opportunities in all areas such as the Government entities like our parastatals, Private business establishments and any other entities in business.

The Youth Chamber is a wing of the EDKWKT Chamber of Commerce and Industry catering for all young people regardless of their gender, colour and should be between eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) years old and is the owner of a registered business complying with all the requirements of business.

Members of the Youth Chamber should members that are able to communicate with the leadership of the chamber and also be able to make dialogue with other Youth Chambers in other organizations/chambers.

The IT Computers Technology Sector is one of our newest sectors comprising of all computer literate members who have registered companies in the technology field which is changing everyday as also the world continues to come up with new ideas and ways to develop and advance business.

Members is this sector follow what is happening in the world today as media technology is on the move and new initiatives in such things as Google, Facebook, etc revolve and change every now and then.

South African economy revolves around minerals, food production, manufacturing, etc in order survive and also to compete with the rest of the world economically as there are forces that demand every country to have certain activities within itself in order to have relations with the rest of the world.

South Africa is no different in this regard and mining is one of the pillars of industries that keep the country moving as the mining of coal, gold, diamond, platinum, chrome, etc makes the country a better place to be as the competition that is in the well can be dealt with and the balance of trade among countries will find South Africa a partner to do business.